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Deepwell Submersible Pumps
Deepwell Submersible Pumps
Deepwell Submersible Pumps
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Deepwell Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps (submerged pumps) also called electric submersible pumps (ESPs) are water pumps operated in water.

This type of pump is centrifugal pump type. The centrifugal pump itself works its principle of converting the kinetic energy (velocity) of fluid into potential energy (dynamic) through an impeller that rotates in the casing.

We provide 1 set of ready-made Submersible Deepwell pumps, With brand EBARA

With quality guarantee because of warranty and supplied with original certificate from each of its products we guarantee the goods we sell are ORIGINAL and QUALITY.

Contact Our Sales for consultation and booking:

Ricky: 0813 1110 3655 (WA)

Julian: 0812 1003 3038 (WA)

Office: 021 - 5016 9000/089 8000 4321

We also sell hydrant equipment (Hydrant Box, Tube Apar, Valve, Springkler, Alarm, etc), Pressure Tank, Hydrant Pump (Diesel Fire Pump, Electric Fire Pump, Jockey Pump), as well as Plumbing Pump (Transfer Pump, Booster Pump, Submersible Pump, etc).

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