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Pompa Maxon CDLF
Pompa Maxon CDLF
Pompa Maxon CDLF
Pompa Maxon CDLF
Pompa Maxon CDLF
Pompa Maxon CDLF
Pompa Maxon CDLF
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Specification of

Description Of Pompa Hydran CDLF Maxon
Cooling water system     
Municipal water supply and boosting   
Domestic water supply     
General industrial services    
Washing plants     
Boiler feed and condensate system    
Water treatment     

Performance range:     
Capacity:     Q up to 240m3/h    
Head:         H up to 305m    
Temperature:  T up to 120℃  
Speed:        n 2900rpm or 3500rpm          
Power:        P up to 110kw    

Standard material:    
All the parts contact with liquid made of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel on request. The pump head and suction & discharge can be made of cast iron on request too.

Description :    
Close coupled vertical multistage pump with stainless steel parts which be driven by a standard TEFC motor, discharge and suction in the same line.  
Single phase motor up to 2.2kw, Class F and IP55 are standard.  
Standard supply for liquid temperature up to 70℃, high temperature pump are available on request.  
Mechanical seal is Tungsten Carbide/Graphite, other material is available on request

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