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Pompa Hydrant Torishima ETAN
Pompa Hydrant Torishima ETAN
Pompa Hydrant Torishima ETAN
Pompa Hydrant Torishima ETAN
Pompa Hydrant Torishima ETAN
Pompa Hydrant Torishima ETAN
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Hydrant Torishima ETAN series is an Industrial Pipe design that is in accordance with the standard JIS B 8313 regarding centrifugal suction pumps, this code is issued by the Japanese Standards Association. Internationally this pump meets ISO 2858: 1975 standards.
This Torishima ETAN pump serves to supply water requirements during a fire from groundtank to nozzel. in the hydrant system it usually consists of a fire main pump, a diesel fire pump, and a jockey pump that is connected to a pressure tank.
Jockey pump is used to stabilize the water pressure on the pipe and pressure tank. if the pressure continues to decline and the jockey pump is unable to handle the water supply, the Main pump will work to stabilize the pressure. while the new diesel pump will work automatically if the main pump has a malfunction so that the water supply is stopped, usually caused by a power outage.

• Closed, radial flow is equipped with a protective ring
• Balanced hydraulics
• Allows trimming on the Impeller
• Permanent lubrication of bearing ball grease
• Bearing bearings can be lubricated by oil
• Strong stuffing box
• Single mechanical seal is available

Back Pull Out (BPO) Design at Torishima ETAN Pump makes it possible to eliminate all rotating elements without disturbing the frame, piping and engine of the drive. This pump uses material made of Bronze / BC2 / BC6, and is recommended for hydrant systems. The FCD 400 for the volute casing can hold water pressure up to 24 bar.

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