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Specification of Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm System is a tool that serves to give a sign of danger (alert) if there is a potential for fire or gas leaks.
The workings of the Fire Alarm System is this tool will detect the potentialities of fire as plumes of smoke (smoke detector), high-temperature (heat detector), and the presence of harmful gases (gas detector), when the tool detects the fire potential then this tool will automatically give a sign of danger (alert) like emitBell turned on the lights, and more so the people around can find out if there's any potential fire in the vicinity of the venue.


Fire Alarm System consists of a wide range of facilities, such as: (HORING LIH)

Fire Alarm Control Panel
Standalone Gas Detector
Fire Siren Strobe
Heat Detector
Smoke Detector

If you are interested in a product's fire alarm system, please contact our sales team.!

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